Who knows pizza?

I’m John Peters, and I’m just a NJ guy living in an Indiana world. I was born in NYC. When I was young, we moved to NJ, where I was raised and lived most of my life. Then, a series of events landed me in Northwest Indiana. Not to worry though, it’s all good. Just a stone’s throw from Chicago, the people of Northwest Indiana are friendly, the cost of living is very reasonable and…. ummmm.. the people are friendly! My first DAY here in Indiana made me painfully aware of one thing; the pizza here is…. different. Ten years later, I’ve only found a few places with decent pizza. And “decent” is a strong word. (By the way, the bagels here are non-existent, but that’s another story.)

A very popular opinion is that the best pizza in the USA comes from New York and New Jersey, with only a few exceptions. On street corners all over these two states, you find pizzerias that serve slices. You can stop in, get a couple of slices, add a can of soda (no, not “pop”). You then enjoy your meal at the standup counter near the window, and watch the passers-by.

The slices come right out of the oven, so when you get them, you normally have to wait a minute or two to let them cool slightly. A few shakes of red pepper flakes completes the slices. Then, you fold it it half (length-wise obviously) and take a bite, hearing that slight crunch of the crust. Your eyes close. Your tastebuds awaken with the taste of cheese, sauce and the perfect crust. You simply can’t beat it.

But as I mentioned, I now live in Northwest Indiana, so I’m writing this blog out of a respect for pizza – real pizza – and all those who know the difference. But, make no mistake, I look at and eat pizza through the eyes and with the tastebuds of a NJ guy. You may not agree with me, but please respect my opinions, as I respect yours. Unless of course, you bring up the topic of “deep-dish” which is more of an abomination than pizza.


John Peters
That Pizza Guy