Review: Little Italy, Dyer, IN

First, let me say, there’s a pandemic going on. This place was packed. The staff was properly masked, but every seat at every table was packed. So much for social distancing. Fo me, that was a problem, but I don’t know if I should blame the restaurant or those people eating there. Likely, both.

In these days of the pandemic, we do take-out and I was there to pick up my order.

Here’s my review of the pizza:

Type / Appearance:Boxed properly. The pizza was a Margherita. Nice looking. Properly “pie cut”. Neapolitan style. Nice air bubbles and properly cooked, in other words, a little crispy.
Dough:A bit too thick, and a bit too chewy. A bit too much crust.
Sauce:It was a bit sweet, but okay.
Cheese:Good tasting, but too much cheese in general. More is not always better, folks.
Oil:Right amount – not too greasy at all.
Other:The tomatoes were a nice addition to the pizza.
Comments:This was ok, really. Would I get it again? Sure.

Published by That Pizza Guy

Growing up in NJ and NY, I've eaten pizza all my life. I love pizza. It's my favorite food.

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