Review: Papa John’s – Munster, IN

Date:3/20/2021 – delivery
Type / Appearance:Hang on. Before you say “Papa John’s??” Know this review is for my son, who is a fan of the chain. Me? Um, no. We take turns selecting the pizzeria and today was his turn. That said, when I told him I refused to do a review on fast food pizza, he called me out. So, here we are.
I’ll give them this – it came quickly. It is nicely packaged in a branded box. Ordering via the app was easy. And, by the way, pie slice (aka “normal”) is the default cut. Good for them.
When I opened the box, it is okay looking. It’s…. commercial. But okay.
Dough:We ordered the regular pizza, meaning a little thick. There is also a thin. The dough was, well, doughy. The crust was a little better. I ordered “well done” so I can’t even imagine what normal cook time would’ve been like.
Sauce:Way. Too. Sweet.
Cheese:Good cheese quantity but very bland. Texture was okay.
Oil:Not too oily. (What exactly am I supposed to do with the Garlic “sauce”?)
Smell:Maybe it was the delivery aspect, but there wasn’t a waft of awesome pizza smell.
Other:I can’t say anything other than I just don’t like it. It’s commercial and with the choices of pizza around here, it perplexes me when people tell me they order all the time. But they do. That’s for sure.
Comments:Look, I’m just not a fan and that’s ok. My son and his friends are. I don’t know how my NJ born kid whose Dad (i.e. me) is a pizza snob, likes this pizza. But okay, for me, it’s like the Wendy’s of pizza. Would I order it for myself? Clearly, no. But they have great operations and I’m sure the people there are nice.

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Growing up in NJ and NY, I've eaten pizza all my life. I love pizza. It's my favorite food.

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