Review: Dante’s (Danny Z) – Munster, IN

Date:12/20/2020 – take out
Type / Appearance:Boxed properly. Pickup was easy. Overall, boxed nicely, but when I opened the boxes, I just wasn’t impressed with the first two. See the slideshow above. This pizza looks rushed. Cooked to “crispy” which was good. Again, typical of the region, improperly cut into squares, i.e. “checkerboard” cut. See my page on “The Proper Cut” here.
Dough:Overall, I found the pizza, well, bland; including the dough. It was the right thickness, but it almost had the texture of a saltine.
Sauce:Often, sauce is too sweet, but this sauce had little taste at all.
Cheese:“Meh” but at least, in the right amount.
Oil:The sauce wasn’t overloaded (quantity) so the amount of oil present was in good proportion.
Other:We ordered three; one plain (sorry, one “cheese”), one half pepperoni / half grilled chicken, and the third with sausage, peppers, onions. The toppings made the third pie tastier than the others. The toppings were all cooked well. Overall, the only word I keep coming up with is “bland.”
Comments:Not for me. I wouldn’t re-order pizza from here. But, let me say, when you first walk in the door, there’s a framed poster telling the story of the original Italian owner who took great pride in his pizza. Those roots would make me believe there’s potential here. I’d love to talk to the current owner (his son, I believe) and see if that old-world recipe and, more importantly, the ingredients, could be brought back. There’s some wonderful history here and with the right product, this place could be a big hit.

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