Review: Lou Malnati’s – Schererville, IN

Lou Malnati’s is a Chicago institution, so I was looking forward to tasting it. They only opened the pick-up-only location in Schererville last year, I believe. I do have to say, they appear to have a good pandemic plan. The location ONLY offers curbside pickup – you can’t go inside. You tell them what car you’re driving and they bring your order out. So for that, well done!

Date:12/07/2020 – take out
Type / Appearance:I ordered three pizzas; one large thin crust, one small thin crust, and one deep-dish for my wife (I’m not calling it pizza, because it isn’t.) All were boxed nicely in a white box with a color logo. Every pizzeria should do this. The two think crust pizzas were nice looking. The deep-dish thing was steaming, covered in a thin piece of food covering. I’m not reviewing it because I didn’t taste it (sorry, it’s just not pizza), it apparently was “just okay.”
Dough:The Lou Malnati crust is some sort of cornbread/flour mix or something. While the crispy pizza was indeed crispy, (it’s firm enough to hold), you can’t fold it to hold it better. I ordered the small thin pizza “cut” so it came in those silly little squares / checkerboard cut. I ordered the large thin pizza “uncut” – thinking I could cut it into proper triangular “slices” myself. I did indeed manage that, but the cornbread (or whatever it is) couldn’t really be folded. It cracked.
Sauce:Not bad actually. Not too sweet. Nice consistency. Quite good.
Oil:The perfect amount. It wasn’t oily at all, which means the sauce is of good quality and proportionately distributed.
Smell:Really good.
Other:I’m sorry, I just couldn’t get past the dough / crust. I don’t know what is in it.
Comments:I was disappointed and no, I wouldn’t get it again.

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