Review: Mod Pizza – Highland, IN

Date:1/30/2021 – take out
Type / Appearance:I’ve eaten at Mod Pizza quite a few times, but I wanted to give it a fair review, with the same level of scrutiny as the other reviews. I ordered through the app and we ended getting 7 pizzas; one for each person. The app is pretty cool, allowing you to easily customize each pizza, choosing everything from the crust, the sauce, the toppings and more. On top of that, there’s a free-form section where you can add notes to the maker of the pizza. For me, 11-inch, thin crust, red sauce, grilled chicken, and red onions, cooked extra crispy, or as we say in NJ, charred. The app said the pizzas would be ready in 20 minutes and sure enough, we walked in 20 minutes later and they were there, waiting for us. Boxed nicely in a branded box, the pizzas travel well. And then, you open the box and, wait for it…… PIE SLICED! Well done Mod Pizza!.
Dough:Good thickness, so nice and thin. This is pretty close to a real Neopolitan pizza, at least what is available around here. The crust was nicely thin, crispy, and had a great texture and taste.
Sauce:Very good sauce. Not too sweet.
Cheese:Perfect cheese to sauce to crust ratio. The cheese had a nice taste and texture.
Oil:Not oily at all, which tells you it didn’t have too much sauce.
Smell:Really great smell.
Other:They have a nice selection of toppings and crust, even offering a cauliflower crust which I’ve had, and it’s quite good.
Comments:Mod Pizza is a chain. As such, when I first tried it, I didn’t have high expectation. Mod Pizza though made a very good pie. What I like most is that you can order a different pie for each person, customized the way they want. Every ends up happy. At our house, six out of seven people thought the pizza was VERY good, and the one who didn’t obviously ordered toppings she wasn’t really crazy about. There is no question that I’d orderMod Pizza again.

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Growing up in NJ and NY, I've eaten pizza all my life. I love pizza. It's my favorite food.

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