Review: Original John’s – Munster, IN

Date:1/17/2021 – take out
Type / Appearance:First, this place is a beloved NWI establishment, now in the second generation. Read any reviews and you’ll see most people love this place, including some of my family and friends. Then, like me, you’ll have the random folks who don’t get it. I’m going to keep trying this place, because I keep thinking I’m missing something.
Nicely packaged in a good box. Pickup was easy. People were friendly. This is one of those places that cuts the pizza using what I call the “WTF” cut and they’ve always done this. See my page on “The Proper Cut” here. I’m just not sure what to do with these strips. I end up either eating them with a knife and fork or rolling them. Overall, it was a good looking pie though.
Dough:I’m not sure if Original John’s uses semolina dough, but they clearly put a bit of semolina on the bottom of the crust. This technique helps the pizza come off the peel easily when placing the pizza in the oven. My pizza was soggy. If it was cooked more, this would be a much better pizza.
Sauce:I found the sauce good tasting, but there was a bit too much of it.
Cheese:Good cheese quantity. Texture was good.
Oil:I found it too oily.
Smell:This pizza smelled good.
Other:For me, this pizza has great potential. First, I’d cook it longer. That would firm it up. Second, I’d reduce the quantity of sauce, to make it less oily and then I’d pie-cut this pizza. I’m not a fan of the semolina on the bottom, but who am I to suggest a change to the family recipe.
Comments:As I’ve said, people RAVE about this place. So, I’m going to have to order again because A) that’s all some of my family members want and B) I must be missing something. BUT, I’m going to order light sauce, well-done and pie-cut. I bet it’ll be great.

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