Review: Whole Foods (Pizza) – Schererville, IN

Date:5/21/2021 – take out
Type / Appearance:OK, how many times have I walked by the Pizza at Whole Foods? Many. Very many. Today, I thought I’d order a whole pie and take it home. I ordered a plain pizza (meaning cheese only for you Midwesterners) and I asked they make it crispy. The nice lady’s response? “Well, I won’t keep it in too long, I don’t want to burn it.” My retort? “Go ahead, burn it a bit. I like it with a bit of charr.” She said it would normally be ready in 7 minutes, but I should come back in 10. I went back in ten minutes and the pizza was ready. The pizza was boxed nicely in strong, branded box. I paid at the register and off I went. The pizza travelled nicely. Once home, I opened the box and saw my beloved PIE SLICE! The pizza was quite nice looking.
Dough:It was the perfect combo of thickness and firm/crispiness. The slices folded nicely. Overall, the crust was thin, but not too thin and it was crispy with a great taste and texture.
Sauce:The sauce was good with a good taste.
Cheese:The cheese had an interesting taste. I suspect it was a blend of two cheeses, though I could be wrong. The cheese to sauce ratio was perfect and overall, the cheese had a good texture.
Oil:Not oily at all.
Smell:Good smell; nothing amazing, but good, for sure.
Other:In true Whole Foods fashion, the lovely young lady was very polite.
Comments:This was a very good pie and perfect if you’re already in Whole Foods and want to get a quick pizza to go. Would I order it again? Yes. Would I go to Whole Foods just to get a pizza? I’m not sure. You can’t walk into Whole Foods and not buy other stuff, so my pizza cost about $100 (because I got some fig spread, and a bunch of other items.) I DO think next time, I’ll order a pizza and have a beer while I’m waiting. That seems to be a better plan.

Published by That Pizza Guy

Growing up in NJ and NY, I've eaten pizza all my life. I love pizza. It's my favorite food.

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