Review: Pizza Station – Katonah NY

Date:9/9/2021 – take out
Type / Appearance:Granted, I’ve been living in the Midwest for the past dozen years. So, just walking into this place made me smile. The selection of pizzas by the slice was beyond adequate and the formula simple; get a drink, order, sit until the slices are hot, and enjoy. Today however, I ordered ahead for me and the kiddos. Two pies, one half pepperoni (you don’t even have to say “half plain” because it’s understood) and…. wait for it…. chicken/bacon/ranch. Yes, a little surprise for the kids since they’re still confused that the grocery store doesn’t have two full isles of Ranch dressing. When I walked in, the pies, in boxes, we’re sitting on top of the oven to keep them warm. The pies looked beautiful and they were PROPERLY CUT into slices.
Dough:Perfectly proportioned – thickness and firm/crispiness. The slices folded nicely with a slight crunch. Overall, the crust was thin, but not too thin and it was crispy with a great taste and texture.
Sauce:The sauce was very good; not too sweet, but with enough flavor to taste.
Cheese:The cheese… oh the cheese. Perfect amount – so the cheese to sauce ratio was wonderful with a good texture.
Oil:Not oily at all. Even after folding and holding it, no dripping mess, which shows further there was the right amount of sauce on the pie.
Other:Polite. Efficient. Warm ambiance. Only about 4 or 5 tables, with a countertop near the window for people to eat and people watch. Today, that included a lovely lady in riding pants and garb (obviously she’d been to the stables today) and she was feeding her two lovely kids some pizza from the box.
Comments:The half pepperoni was a very good pie. I actually really enjoyed the chicken/bacon/Ranch one as well. Would I order it again? Yes. Without question. I may wait a while though as there are so many other places to try.

Published by That Pizza Guy

Growing up in NJ and NY, I've eaten pizza all my life. I love pizza. It's my favorite food.

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