My Pizza Reviews List

You can simply scroll through my blog posts (below) to see the reviews, images, etc. Or, see the list below for links to each review: NWI – TOP 5 LEADER BOARD – Running List of the Best Pizza in Northwest Indiana:Tomato Bar………….A-Cafe Borgia………….A-Giovanni’s………….. B+Mod Pizza……………B+Rico’s………………….B- NWI REVIEWS: Langel’s – Highland, IN Dante’s / Danny Z’sContinue reading “My Pizza Reviews List”

Review: Lou Malnati’s – Schererville, IN

Lou Malnati’s is a Chicago institution, so I was looking forward to tasting it. They only opened the pick-up-only location in Schererville last year, I believe. I do have to say, they appear to have a good pandemic plan. The location ONLY offers curbside pickup – you can’t go inside. You tell them what carContinue reading “Review: Lou Malnati’s – Schererville, IN”

Review: Giovanni’s – Munster, IN

Date: 11/25/2020 – take out Type / Appearance: Boxed properly. Nice looking. Nice display of cheese, some onions and peppers. Properly cooked to “crispy”. Unfortunately, improperly “checkerboard” cut – it’s only visual downfall. Fortunately, the square pieces weren’t cut too small, like with many other NWI places. See my page on “The Proper Cut” here.Continue reading “Review: Giovanni’s – Munster, IN”

Review: Little Italy, Dyer, IN

First, let me say, there’s a pandemic going on. This place was packed. The staff was properly masked, but every seat at every table was packed. So much for social distancing. Fo me, that was a problem, but I don’t know if I should blame the restaurant or those people eating there. Likely, both. InContinue reading “Review: Little Italy, Dyer, IN”