Review: Eduardo’s Pizza – Munster, IN

Date:1/17/2021 – take out
Type / Appearance:On Calumet, I pass this place all the time. I know I’ve tried the pizza here before because they had my telephone number on file, but wanted to officially review it. Nicely packaged in a good box. Pickup was easy. Again, typical of the region, improperly cut into squares, i.e. “checkerboard” cut. See my page on “The Proper Cut” here. They weren’t tiny squares, so I guess this made it a bit better looking. Overall, it was a good looking pie. We had half cheese (in Jersey, we call it “plain”) and half sausage/pepper/mushroom/onion (my wife’s toppings of choice).
Dough:Puffy. Thicker. Which makes sense, since they like to say they specialize in “stuffed” pizza.
Sauce:I found the sauce salty. This may be the cheese, but I don’t think so. It was just okay. A bit too much sauce was on the pie.
Cheese:Sorry, but I found the cheese bland. And there was too much of it.
Oil:It was oily, but that may be because it was 1/2 full of all that stuff my wife likes.
Smell:Good smell.
Other:ok. Just okay overall.
Comments:I wouldn’t order again. I hear if you’re a stuffed-pizza kind of person, this is the place to go, but you know how I feel about stuffed and/or deep-dish.

Review: Rico’s Pizza – Lansing, IL

Date:1/17/2021 – take out
Type / Appearance:I know this is in IL, but it’s one block in, so technically, NWI for all intents and purposes. Packaged “old school” in a bag, on a piece of round cardboard. Pickup was easy. Again, typical of the region, improperly cut into squares, i.e. “checkerboard” cut. See my page on “The Proper Cut” here. Good looking pie. You could tell it was nice and crispy. For the record, if this place asked if you wanted pie-cut, I bet a lot of people would take them up on it. It’s the right kind of pizza to do that.
Dough:Good thickness, so not too thick, and cooked properly. It was a bit “ritz” cracker-ish, but okay.
Sauce:Good. Not too sweet, with good spices.
Cheese:Good cheese to sauce to crust ratio. Wasn’t a bland mix. I liked it.
Oil:It was a touch greasy, but that may be because it was 1/2 sausage.
Smell:Great-smelling pie.
Other:Good overall pizza.
Comments:Given the exterior of this place, I didn’t expect much. But I liked it. It was better than “just ok”. I’d order again for sure.

Review: Beggar’s Pizza – Lansing, IL

Date:1/17/2021 – take out
Type / Appearance:I know this is in IL, but it’s one block in, so technically, NWI for all intents and purposes. Boxed properly. Nice 4-color box, solid flaps protects the pie. Pickup was easy. Again, typical of the region, improperly cut into squares, i.e. “checkerboard” cut. See my page on “The Proper Cut” here. Okay looking overall. Not impressive, per se, but okay. Just okay.
Dough:Overall, I felt like the pizza needed to be cooked more. The bottom was crispy, but the layer(s) above that and under the cheese were raw-ish. Good thickness, that is to say, not too thick. For me, this was all the more reason the dough should’ve been cooked more.
Sauce:A bit too sweet.
Cheese:First, there was WAAAY too much cheese on this pizza. I know they say they “lay it on thick” but you simply don’t need that much cheese. Also, it was a bit bland.
Oil:Because of the “lay it on thick” aspect, there was also too much sauce, which meant the pizza was a bit oily.
Smell:Not enough of a smell. It was hot and steamy, but there weren’t any great aromas coming from this pie.
Other:For me, on pizza, “more” does not mean “better.” In other words, I believe they laid it on too thick.
Comments:Not for me. I wouldn’t re-order pizza from here.

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NWI – TOP 5 LEADER BOARD – Running List of the Best Pizza in Northwest Indiana:
Tomato Bar………….A-
Cafe Borgia………….A-
Giovanni’s………….. B+
Mod Pizza……………B+


Langel’s – Highland, IN

Dante’s / Danny Z’s – Munster, IN

Lou Malnati’s – Schererville, IN

Giovanni’s – Munster, IN

The Oven Grinder – Chicago (not a formal review)

Little Italy – Dyer, IN

Original John’s – Munster, IN

Eduardo’s – Munster, IN

Rico’s – Lansing, IL

Beggar’s Pizza – Lansing, IL

Mod Pizza – Highland, IN

Tomato Bar – Schererville, IN

Cafe Borgia – Munster, IN

Papa John’s – Munster, IN

State Line Pizza – Dyer, IN

Whole Foods pizza – Schererville, IN

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Review: Dante’s (Danny Z) – Munster, IN

Date:12/20/2020 – take out
Type / Appearance:Boxed properly. Pickup was easy. Overall, boxed nicely, but when I opened the boxes, I just wasn’t impressed with the first two. See the slideshow above. This pizza looks rushed. Cooked to “crispy” which was good. Again, typical of the region, improperly cut into squares, i.e. “checkerboard” cut. See my page on “The Proper Cut” here.
Dough:Overall, I found the pizza, well, bland; including the dough. It was the right thickness, but it almost had the texture of a saltine.
Sauce:Often, sauce is too sweet, but this sauce had little taste at all.
Cheese:“Meh” but at least, in the right amount.
Oil:The sauce wasn’t overloaded (quantity) so the amount of oil present was in good proportion.
Other:We ordered three; one plain (sorry, one “cheese”), one half pepperoni / half grilled chicken, and the third with sausage, peppers, onions. The toppings made the third pie tastier than the others. The toppings were all cooked well. Overall, the only word I keep coming up with is “bland.”
Comments:Not for me. I wouldn’t re-order pizza from here. But, let me say, when you first walk in the door, there’s a framed poster telling the story of the original Italian owner who took great pride in his pizza. Those roots would make me believe there’s potential here. I’d love to talk to the current owner (his son, I believe) and see if that old-world recipe and, more importantly, the ingredients, could be brought back. There’s some wonderful history here and with the right product, this place could be a big hit.

Review: Lou Malnati’s – Schererville, IN

Lou Malnati’s is a Chicago institution, so I was looking forward to tasting it. They only opened the pick-up-only location in Schererville last year, I believe. I do have to say, they appear to have a good pandemic plan. The location ONLY offers curbside pickup – you can’t go inside. You tell them what car you’re driving and they bring your order out. So for that, well done!

Date:12/07/2020 – take out
Type / Appearance:I ordered three pizzas; one large thin crust, one small thin crust, and one deep-dish for my wife (I’m not calling it pizza, because it isn’t.) All were boxed nicely in a white box with a color logo. Every pizzeria should do this. The two think crust pizzas were nice looking. The deep-dish thing was steaming, covered in a thin piece of food covering. I’m not reviewing it because I didn’t taste it (sorry, it’s just not pizza), it apparently was “just okay.”
Dough:The Lou Malnati crust is some sort of cornbread/flour mix or something. While the crispy pizza was indeed crispy, (it’s firm enough to hold), you can’t fold it to hold it better. I ordered the small thin pizza “cut” so it came in those silly little squares / checkerboard cut. I ordered the large thin pizza “uncut” – thinking I could cut it into proper triangular “slices” myself. I did indeed manage that, but the cornbread (or whatever it is) couldn’t really be folded. It cracked.
Sauce:Not bad actually. Not too sweet. Nice consistency. Quite good.
Oil:The perfect amount. It wasn’t oily at all, which means the sauce is of good quality and proportionately distributed.
Smell:Really good.
Other:I’m sorry, I just couldn’t get past the dough / crust. I don’t know what is in it.
Comments:I was disappointed and no, I wouldn’t get it again.

Review: Giovanni’s – Munster, IN

Date:11/25/2020 – take out
Type / Appearance:Boxed properly. Nice looking. Nice display of cheese, some onions and peppers. Properly cooked to “crispy”. Unfortunately, improperly “checkerboard” cut – it’s only visual downfall. Fortunately, the square pieces weren’t cut too small, like with many other NWI places. See my page on “The Proper Cut” here.
Dough:Great tasting! Crispy. Well-proportioned edge. Firm enough to fold, but well, you know, cut into squares?!
Sauce:Quite delicious. Not too sweet. Nice consistency.
Cheese:Good tasting, but just a little too much cheese in general.
Oil:With just a little too much cheese, comes just a little too much oil. No biggie though.
Smell:Magnificent. Truly smelled like pizza.
Other:The toppings made for a very nice looking and tasty NWI pizza. The onions and peppers were perfectly cooked and added a great taste.
Comments:I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, I’d get it again, without question. I’d ask for Pie-cut though.

Oven Grinder – Chicago

ABC 7 Chicago wrote a piece on the Oven Grinder Restaurant in Chicago. That’s THEIR photo above. Some of my friends shared it and others reacted saying how great it was. Pizza+Pot Pie? No. I immediately had to respond with a recap of my experience. So, while not an official review in my new format, here’s what I had to say:

“Ok, I know I’m going to get heat for this, but I’m trying to restrain myself and be calm and collected. My wife took me and the kids to this restaurant. All she kept saying was how awesome it was. Well, we waited to get in, waited to sit and waited to order. Then, an eternity later, it came. You know, the “pizza” pot pie. Dear Lord, where do I start? The server flips the bowl over and the “pizza” pot pie pops out. It’s doughy, has sauce and some other stuff. The kids looked at me, puzzled as to how to eat this thing. Clearly, they were born in NJ and their senses picked up something wasn’t right. I mean, we came for something that had the word “pizza” in it. So, we watched Mommy dissect hers. It has soft dough, not nearly cooked enough, and the sweet sauce and whatever-the-hell-else was inside came out, like a cyst that had just burst. I looked at my Indiana-born wife who was eating this thing and loving every bite. So, with my eyes, I signaled to the kids that we should follow Mommy’s lead and hold off on the comments. We ate it. It was barely mediocre. To even use a word that rhymes with “pizza” is a crime. Had it been called the “extra-large, piping hot, Asian-type dumpling, stuffed with sweet red sauce and other stuff from the kitchen” it would’ve been more appropriate. It was barely a pot pie for heaven’s sake. I’ve determined I have to TRY and not complain about the “pizza” in the midwest. After all, it’s not their fault they don’t know squat about pizza or how to cut one. It puzzles me though as there are plenty of Italians in Chicago. Where they came up with that other abomination of “deep-dish pizza” -again the misused “pizza” term, I don’t know. So, if you want to try this place, go ahead. Tell them I sent you and use the coupon code “WTFisPizza.” Ok haters, go ahead.”

Here’s their article:–KxBDgfc56-BuCZ1oMlJ0JG9Q0gbsPttwOWjBzXlpd_hJze47wY

Review: Little Italy, Dyer, IN

First, let me say, there’s a pandemic going on. This place was packed. The staff was properly masked, but every seat at every table was packed. So much for social distancing. Fo me, that was a problem, but I don’t know if I should blame the restaurant or those people eating there. Likely, both.

In these days of the pandemic, we do take-out and I was there to pick up my order.

Here’s my review of the pizza:

Type / Appearance:Boxed properly. The pizza was a Margherita. Nice looking. Properly “pie cut”. Neapolitan style. Nice air bubbles and properly cooked, in other words, a little crispy.
Dough:A bit too thick, and a bit too chewy. A bit too much crust.
Sauce:It was a bit sweet, but okay.
Cheese:Good tasting, but too much cheese in general. More is not always better, folks.
Oil:Right amount – not too greasy at all.
Other:The tomatoes were a nice addition to the pizza.
Comments:This was ok, really. Would I get it again? Sure.